Mazda Feeling Positive About Vehicle Sales

With the sales figures for June released, many car manufacturers are now assessing their performance against yearly targets. While the general market shows some growth, Japanese car giant Mazda are looking very pleased with their sales performance. With the all new Mazda 3 for sale, boosting sales figures, the company has managed great sales for both the month of June and year to date.

Mazda have implemented a carefully considered strategy to ensure that they retain their market share. The company have recently launched all new models of the Mazda 2 and Mazda 3 for sale, which has been complemented by a heavy campaign of advertising. This focused approach on the new innovations and design touches added to the range, have ensured that consumers are aware of the attractive package offered by this reasonably priced brand.

According to the figures released by the Chamber of Automotive Industries, the automotive market has shown some bounce back from the recent declines experienced. This has left the market sales figures on a par with the year to date figures of last year. Increased sales in South Australia and New South Wales has compensated for declining sales in Western Australia and Queensland. This has mean that the overall totals were just five hundred units short of the industry peak last June.

With light commercials and SUV models proving popular with consumers, accounting for over fifty percent of vehicle sales, it is even more impressive that models such as the current Mazda 3 for sale are still

Trendy Accessories for Heavy Utility Vehicles

Utes, also known as utility vehicles are planned for a specific task and are applied for holding and transferring a large number of heavy equipments and merchandise. In old times, people used to say that these vehicles can only be used for traveling, but not for riding delights. These perceptions have now changed as our young generation is relentlessly switching towards a modernized and comfy way of traveling, rather than having an exasperating and tangled travel experience.

Are you the proud owner of a sports utility vehicle? Do you spend your weekends polishing your pick-up motor vehicle? Probably there are chances that you spend ample of hours daily to give a personal touch to your vehicle in order to get rid of scratches and minor damages to keep it look splendid as always. To make your car look more attractive, adding accessories to it is a better option. You can change the appearance of your car with these accessories and can also increase its resale value. Below are some of the options available in the form of accessories that you can add up to your automobile, as they are easily accessible at affordable prices in the marketplace.

There are many accessories that would make your vehicle look good and run better. A few of them are listed below:

Tow-bars – this is the most economical option when it comes to trading and moving goods from one place to another. The heavy utility tow-bars possess serious pulling power along with electronic brake

What You Need to Know About Prestige Car Hire

Sports cars and prestige cars are pretty powerful. In fact, if you’ve never driven one before, you’ll be surprised by the power under the hood. Hiring a prestige car for your big day, for a photo shoot or even just for a particularly luxurious weekend away can be a fab idea, but if you’re not used to driving a powerhouse there are a few things you’ll need to know before you get behind the wheel.

All of the Controls Will Probably Be Different

Many supercars have a “flappy paddle” gearbox – which, if you’re not familiar with it, is completely different to a regular stick shift gearbox. Flappy paddle boxes have the paddles on either side of the steering wheel, and to change gears, you have to “flap” the paddle. It’ll take a little getting used to, so keep it in mind. Another difference is the handbrake, so-called because it’s conveniently located to the left-hand side and you can access it with your hand. In many prestige cars, the handbrake is either on the floor (a completely separate pedal to the footbrake) or it’s a button on the dash. Again, it’ll take some getting used to, so familiarise yourself before you set off.

Petrol and Diesel Will Run Out Fast

Most rentals allow a mileage of 100 miles per day, with additional miles available for a surcharge. That might seem like loads. But, depending on the make and model of the car that you choose, you’ll need to fill up before you reach

Things To Know When Buying Roof Racks

Do you like to go camping, or need to carry stuff that generally won’t fit inside your car?

If you answered, “Yes”, to this question, then you probably need to consider getting some roof racks.

Roof racks can also be referred to as “cross bars”, “roof bars” etc.

The things you can carry on your roof racks are only limited by the weight of the goods vs. the roof load limit and your imagination. You can carry all sorts of things like luggage boxes and bags, camping and fishing gear, kayaks, canoes, as well as skis and snowboards or even ladders.

There are so many options these days when it comes to selecting the appropriate bars for your car. If your car is fitted with side rails, you will need roof racks that are designed to be fitted to factory rails. For rails that are slightly raised and have a gap between them and the roof of the car, you will have to choose between the type of “Rail Bars” that sit between the rails, clamping on along the inside of the rail, and don’t raise the profile of the car by more than a few millimetres, and the type that sit on top of the rails and clamp on from above.

If you don’t have rails and your car is fairly new, it my have what are known as factory fixed points. These are an integral part of the car’s design that allow roof racks to be fitted at specific points.

Some cars built

2015 Toyota 4Runner Gets A Makeover

The 2015 Toyota 4Runner has a striking new design that says ugly is the new pretty. For 2015, we can still select from the well-equipped SR5, the bold and rugged Trail model and the highly rated Limited model. All three models are powered by a 4.0-liter V6 with a 5-speed Electronically Controlled automatic Transmission with intelligence (ECT-I) and sequential shift mode. A manual transmission is not available for the 4Runner. With the standard features provided on the new 4Runner it is one of the best SUV values available.

Rugged Appearances

Toyota has gotten bold in 2015 with their new front-end design on the 4Runner. It portrays a look that suggests a tough, rugged and aggressive vehicle and its new gaping maw almost looks better coated with a layer of dust and dirt. The bold styling is not limited to the sculpting of the front end either. This year Toyota chose to emblazon its name in large three-dimensional letters as opposed to the traditional logo used in previous years.

If you are a serious off-road enthusiast, consider the 4Runner TRD Pro model, which is based on the Trail model. The TRD Pro provides some serious upgrades in terms of tire selection and suspension components. The TRD Pro is based on a desert-racing platform with a lifted front suspension. Another outstanding feature is the bright red Eibach springs, and higher-capacity Bilstein shocks that provide another inch of suspension travel.

Rugged Build

The suspension on the new 4Runner utilizes a similar coil-spring independent double-wishbone front suspension with

Choosing a Limousine Color to Suit Your Style

Different personalities have different taste in colors. When it comes to choosing a limo, a business man’s choice can rely more on a black limo and a bride can pick a white limo. Limos have become a necessity for every special event and the choice of color seems to be the top priority.

When you hire a limousine service, you can travel with style and comfort. Along with this, its interior is bounded by luxury, power and prestige. And just when you think the hassle is over with the selection of model of your limo, there jumps another one and this time it’s the color of the limo!

Business executives usually prefer black limos that indicate power and authority. Black represents strength, supremacy and brims impressive personalities. A shiny black limo is what corporate choose whereas white is considered to be a major symbol for wedding as it portraits purity and simplicity for the occasion.

However, there is a set of limousines beyond just black and white. For example, a pink limo symbolizes feminism. The sweet and sassy pink limos are the finest choice of girls for their birthday parties and fun trips.

As the demand for limo has taken an upward swing, the innovators of various limo companies have started to introduce different shades of fleet. Although there seems a heavy demand for black, white and pink limos, the priorities of a young group has always remained with bright classics like blue and green. These colors indicate a true party feeling to

Test Drive Review: 2015 Lincoln MKC – Part 1 (Exterior)

The 2015 Lincoln MKC is a brand-new model in the Lincoln family, which went on sale this May. Now 6 months have passed, but as of today it is still very hard to spot a Lincoln MKC on the street. The sales volume of the Lincoln MKC merely matched the BMW X3, but lacking behind the Lexus RX and the Audi Q5 by a factor of as high as 5 (sales figure of the MKC is only around 1/5 of the Lexus RX).

On paper the 2015 Lincoln MKC has beautiful specifications, and its shapes and styling looks OK in ads. In our test drive review, I will try to explain why the MKC doesn’t receive better recognition from the consumer.

The exterior shape of the Lincoln MKC is very close to the Ford Escape – because they share the same platform, and some of the trims even share the same engine and transmission.

How About the 2015 Lincoln MKC Wheelbase?

The MKC has a slightly longer wheelbase of 106.9in (compared to 105.9in for the Ford Escape). Similar optioned MKC is about 170 lb heavier than the Escape, due to the longer wheelbase and larger car body in almost all dimensions. Besides this, there are extra noise damping materials all around the cabin, which also contributes to the extra 170 lb of weight.

Our test car is the top-of-the-line trim equipped with the firm’s latest 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine, which can also be found in the 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost (but with a higher